Message from the President

Sustainably circulating capital to create a world that is both materially and spiritually rich

The company name, Growthix, signifies the process where solids collide with each other and become liquid, which mix thoroughly and become solid again when the collision stops.
It shows that we will cultivate “thixotropy” in society.
If the society, business or human being only holds the same component, growth is impossible, let alone create future value.
We are convinced that the future is not an age where new things come up at material level.
Instead, solids fuse with each other gently, and it will be characterized by new value and cooperation.
With strong commercial capabilities, we will finally realize that “the purpose of a cause and life” represents an enterprise’s or a man’s sense of mission and this is an inescapable principle.
Only members with such firm conviction have participated in the business.
We are committed to solving business succession issues that have evolved into social concerns.
All the members must fight tooth and nail, energetically cooperate with the partners in the same industry and others, and look far ahead and aim high, thus contributing to the development of Japanese society.

Growthix Capital Ltd. CEO
Mitsuo Nakashima

Resume of the representative

Corporate philosophy

As a good Japanese rugby player, he has been active in New Zealand.
He started from a US conglomerate (General Electric) and then entered M&A advisory industry.
Loads of M&A contracts have been landed each year under his guidance.
At M&A Department of the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section, he won the President’s Award three times for his industry-leading performance.
He has participated in planning as a founder member of Tech M & A Advisory since 2017.
The staff increased from 5 to 200 within just two years, and the business became independent in 2019 and he established the current company.
He specializes in search fund projects and cross-borders projects, and successfully guides the efforts to sign the contracts on M&A in all industries.
Moreover, as an investor, he partners with some promising start-ups and SMEs.

Company profile

Company name Growthix Capital Ltd.
Date of Establishment May 7,2019

5F・6F(5F:Reception)Tokyo Central Place
Nihonbashi Kabutocho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo

Branch Office in Tokyo

1F・2F (2F:Reception) Nihonbashi Kabutocho Building Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Branch Office in Osaka

3F ShinOsaka Hankyu Building 1-1-1 Miyahara ,Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Business scope

PE fund (Searchfund) Operation
M&A Advisory(Agency) Business
NextPreneur University Management

Group Company

Growthix Investment
Next Preneur University

Number of employees

consolidated 115(including part-time ones)

Registered capital 30,000,000 yen
Legal representative Mitsuo Nakashima
Correspondent financial institutions

Head Office of MITSUBISHI UFJ Bank
Branch of Mizuho Bank Tokyo Chuo