Corporate Philosophy

Creating Value for the Future
Our company is a group of pioneers that pledges to create value for the future, to benefit companies, individuals, and society as a whole. We have adopted and are measuring not only “people,” “things,” “money,” and “information,” but also “thought” and “possibility.” As we enter the Reiwa era, we are striving to inculcate six key “cultures.”
グローシックスキャピタル 企業理念
The Six Cultures

Employment: Expansion and maintenance of employment with responsibility
Information: Correction of absurd information gaps
Circulation: Promotion of high circulation of capital
Creativity: Acceptance of new and original ideas
Symbiosis: Basis in mutual development
Reinvigoration: Revival of the power of people and companies

Our Company’s Characteristics

Our company, Growthix Capital, is the one and only M&A advisory company in Japan where all executives and employees have been hand-picked from other companies for their abundant achievements in M&A for small- and medium-sized enterprises.
Being comprised exclusively of people with extensive experience, our company cuts down on wasteful indirect costs and passes this on to our clients, in addition to being able to provide the highest level of discretion and speed because of our individual decision-making, and a balanced and equal level of service by understanding both emotions and expertise.
Our Advisers include those with backgrounds in cultures that developed a strong knowledge of finance, taxation, management accounting, cultures that pioneered cutting-edge technology, and so forth, giving us a great deal of knowledge and experience different M&A advisory systems, and since we also include people who come from large companies and public equity funds, we can sympathize with the point of view of transferee companies. We believe that these basic skills are essential to providing the optimal service for each customer, and to eliminating the risk of non-standard issues after the fact.

Our M&A Commission

We adopt Laman method Commission rate.
グローシックスキャピタル 手数料

Message From the President

Growthix Capital株式会社(グロウシックスキャピタル)代表取締役CEO 中島 光夫
Our company’s name, Growthix, is a portmanteau of “growth”—reflecting our Corporate Philosophy’s “Six Cultures” which we wish to grow in society— and “thixotropy”—which refers to our desire to bring fluidity and flexibility to companies through our business practices.
In recent years, the industry has been flooded with companies, each with its own business style, but ultimately those members with definite aptitude and having a solid sense of responsibility toward society are the ones what I understand to be true principle for living as a business—indeed as a person—and it was only those members who held this belief that founded this company.
We are facing, head-on, a business succession problem that has become an issue for society, and we are contributing the creation of value for a brighter future, not to mention the all-out efforts of all of our executives and employees, not shying away cooperation with others, to contribute to the development of Japanese society with an eagle-eye view.
Growthix Capital Ltd.
Mitsuo Nakashima
President’s Background

After a strong performance as a rugby player in New Zealand, he joined the American company General Electric. After rotating around various fields, he took a post in the financial sector, managing business loans and finance leases for companies. Following this, he worked in M&A advisory company for first-section listing at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and while there he received the President’s Award three times. After leaving that company in 2017, he took part as a founding member of a tech company M&A advisory firm. As a top player, he helped to rapidly expand from five to 200 employees in just two years, before striking out on his own and establishing this company in 2019.

Executive Adviser

グローシックスキャピタル COO 村上宗太郎

Director/COO Sotaro Murakami

Born in Osaka. Graduated from the Meiji University School of Law (Department of Law) in March 2013.
He joined Nomura Securities in April 2013. For three years after joining the company, he worked in securities retail, primarily to the owners of good businesses, in the Tokyo Branch. Then, after working in M&A advisory service at a Tokyo Stock Exchange first-section-listed M&A brokerage firm, in August 2017 he took part in the establishment of an M&A brokerage platform company as a founding member.
In addition to supporting business owners who have a problem of successors not being available, he is also involved in assisting business managers nationwide when they select M&A as a key facet of business expansion and company development.

グローシックスキャピタル 顧問 揚村 康男

Adviser Yasuo Agemura

[Professional Background]
Born in 1954, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics (Department of Economics) at the University of Tokyo. He joined Nomura Securities in 1976.
From 2000, as the Director in Charge of Global Financial Markets, he took charge of both domestic and foreign institutional investor management.
In 2004 he took on global duties regarding not only bonds and money orders, but stock businesses as well.
During this period, he also served as president of Nomura Capital Investment, a nonbank subsidiary of Nomura, in addition to handling real estate and M&A finance.
November 2011 saw him handling integrated risk management projects at Nomura Securities, and he later took on the roles of Associate Director and Adviser.
He joined Mizuho Securities as Director, Managing Executive Officer, and Head of Global Markets in 2011.
In 2013 he became a director and vice-president of the company.
He also worked as a Senior Managing Director for Mizuho Financial Group from 2016 to 2018.
He left the company in April 2018.
In May 2019, he became an Adviser at Growthix Capital, assisting in business succession issues.

グローシックスキャピタル 顧問 有冨 二郎

Adviser Jiro Aritomi

[Professional Background]
Born in 1958, he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Chuo University. He joined Dai-Ichi Securities in 1981. Beginning with retail sales, he engaged in international sales, overseas representation, business corporation sales, bond and stock dealer business, and more.
Against the backdrop of mergers coming one after another since the bursting of the Bubble economy, he stacked up tremendous achievements in sales promotion, management guidance, planning management, and human resources development, as a Branch Manager of large stores (Ikebukuro, Chiba, Omiya, and Nagoya), District Director, District Manager, and District Management Officer. As a Managing Executive Officer of Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. starting in 2012, he oversaw operations in both East and West Japan, striving to build relationships with local financial institutions, business corporations, and high-net-worth customers.
He joined Growthix Capital as an Adviser in May 2019.